Den som inte ännu har varken lyssnat på Sousou & Mahers nya platta Adouna, eller sett den här nya duon – med kompband – på Södra Teatern, Konserthuset eller i TV4:s nyhetsmorgon, har missat något. Det är möjligt att jag är extra sentimental därför att de här två som par i mina ögon representerar så mycket mer än bara musiken de framför. sousoumaher68_mgr

Hela deras tillvaro är ett tvärkulturellt experiment med deltagare från Sverige och Senegal, de är musiker, de är gifta och de gör något väldigt intressant tillsammans som lovar mycket inför framtiden. Jag hoppas på och önskar dem mycket framgång.

Foton från releasepartyt på Södra Teaterns Kägelbana här.

Läs mer i promotiontexten på engelska under videon (från Kintis sida på Womex). För att lyssna på musiken gå till deras MySpace-sida. Och för att köpa plattan, gå till deras officiella hemsida!

Sousou and Maher Cissoko just released one of the most interesting world music cd:s in Sweden this year, on the independent label Ajabu. Their tracks mixes the flavours of sentimental vocal and instrumental traditions from Sweden and the typical West African Cissoko energetic style in a beautiful and touching way. It’s possible that this is also the first cd ever released with a female kora player.

Sousous and Mahers warm voices and the clear distinct sound of their koras is now backed up by guitar, bass and percussion, and on the cd sometimes saxophone, balafone and swedish nyckelharpa. Their new tour band lines up well known artists Adreas Unge (who has also produced the album), Mattias Kleppen, Ibou Cissokho and Pape Seck.

Sousou grew up in the southern parts of Sweden – Skane – surrounded by music, song and instruments, and fell in love with the West African kora when her father started giging with the griot Alagie Mbye from Gambia in the early 90:ies. She asked to be teached, and was accepted. She has since spent a lot of time in Africa learning to play the kora and learning to sing in Wolof and Mandinka.

Maher Cissoko was born to be a kora player. As the son of one of the big and well known griot families of Casamance in southern Senegal he had to learn to play. He wasn’t completely happy about being a griot at first, but later he came to terms with his heritage. And like his older brothers Solo and Fily Cissokho (yes they spell their names differently), he’s now a full time musician in Europe.

It was when Sousou was invited by Solo Cissokho to spend time with his family in Ziguinchor and try to learn their playing style that she met Maher. Now, years later, they are married and have a small daughter (Who’s also performing on the cd).

A new duo has been born. Remeber their names.